And it’s time to get it back

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I sit writing this on January 3rd 2020, after having no inspiring stories to publish for the last month or so.

I guess I can put the blame many things, such as December being a ‘busy month’ (as busy as it can be in these times), having a baby who is a complete handful, or the pandemic has been at the back of my mind, making it hard to focus.

Or maybe, just maybe, I’m making excuses.

After a long month of not writing, I finally wanted to delve into the reason why…

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Driving. Some of us love it, some of us hate it. Some of us find it unwinding, some of us find it stressful.

And some of us get downright frustrated.

We have all been there. The driver in front of you hits the breaks at the roundabout when there is absolutely no car coming, leaving you to slam on your breaks. It shocks you. Your heart’s now racing, relieved that you’ve not hit them in the back but you’re feeling shaky and flustered. And it’s through no fault of your own, it’s someone else’s fault.

There are now two choices…

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From an early age, I would spend every single Saturday at my Nan and Granddads. If I’m brutally honest, back then I remember feeling a little peed off about that, as my friends would be going to the cinema, ice skating or shopping.

My day would be pretty structured, and would consist of:

  • Driving into town to go to the butchers with Nan to collect her meat for the week
  • Having cheese and crackers for “elevensies” (do people even have this any more?)
  • Helping out with the gardening
  • Helping out with making the meat pie that we’d have for lunch

And you should, too

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Raise your hand if you can remember the last time you spent a day doing absolutely Nothing. When I say Nothing, I don’t mean to take that completely literally, as obviously, we all need to pee and eat from time to time. I mean the absolute bare minimum: no chores, no rushing around, no deadlines to meet. Maybe spending the day listening to music, reading your favourite book and staying in your tracksuit. For those with kids, just letting them get on with enjoying the day, without any set plans. …

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It’s 4.45am. My daughter has been up all night more or less, I’m not sure if it’s her cold or teething or the four month sleep regression. This is now the fourth night in a row.

So many thoughts seem to rush through my mind when I’m up with her at night or early in the morning; why is she up, how am I going to cope with the lack of sleep the following day, will she be like this until she’s five years old, why can’t I go back into the dream where I was dating Bradley Cooper, how…

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Pacing round the house for the umpteenth time with my new-born attached to me in a sling, I frantically shook her rattle with my right hand and a held a full glass of wine in the other. I’d had no sleep and was wearing a stained tracksuit with sick in my hair. My other half was in bed with earplugs and an eye-mask on, the last time I saw him looking like that was when we were at a Spa in Mexico. …


Dreamer. Making my way through life with humour, self deprecation and honesty. New to Medium (and parenthood)

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